Getting to understand the Stone Age!

This week we have been looking at Stonehenge and the importance of this sight in history.  We have been finding out about how historians think it might have been built and what it was built for.  We then created our own art work we started off with a blue and white background and then used black sugar paper to create the stone shapes!  They are … Continue reading Getting to understand the Stone Age!

Getting creative with ‘Magnificent Maths’

On Thursday we had a fabulous morning exploring maths in different ways.  We had a workshop where we looked at HUGE numbers and then made 2D shapes with balloons talking about their properties.  Our fun with maths continued in the classroom when we got to make our own ‘arrays city’ and play multiplication games.  This has shown us how ‘magnificent’ maths can be! Continue reading Getting creative with ‘Magnificent Maths’